There’s a lot of talk often about your “tech stack”, what apps and tools do you use for your business and career. But often we don’t look at our skill stack.

What are you good at? Where are you better than most?

The great thing is, you don’t have to be that much better than average to start seeing results. If you’re a copywriter for example, being just a little better than average can get you far. But you can almost immediately upgrade your skillset by investing in another somewhat related skill.

For example, there are plenty of people who can write good copy, but how many are good at both copy and design?

There are plenty of great personal trainers, but how many of them know how to market themselves online.

If you’re trying to make massive strides in your career, investing in 3-4 core skill sets is a multiplier many don’t talk about.

Stay focused. Combine your talents.

It’s the key to getting ahead.