Earlier this week, we had to take our dog Poka in to have a massive tumor removed from her spleen. It ‘sprung’ out of nowhere and has been an emotionally trying ordeal.

With her surgery done, it seems the hard part is over and she should be able to make a full recovery.

Apparently tumors in the spleen are fairly common in older labs. Something I had no idea until recently.

Which makes the call I just recieved my from my mum less surprising.

Bu my childhood dog, who is also a lab, is going to have to be put down because of… you guessed it.. tumors in the spleen. Unlike Poka however, the tumors Bu had popped and has put him in incredible pain.

Bu is one of my favorite dogs I’ve had, and is responsible for countless happy memories. I’m incredibly sad that this is how it ends.

This week has been yet another reminder, we must never take what we love for granted.