What if I told you that you could lose 20 pounds in a week without doing a single exercise?

What if I told you a simple technique that could transform you into a love making machine?

What if I told you about a money making system that could make you hundreds of dollars while you sleep?

I’d be like the millions of others trying to sell you the quick fix.

Yet thankfully, I’m not here to sell you a quick fix.

I’m here to share a simple phrase that could potentially change your life.

You ready?

The quick fix is a myth.

Contrary to what social conditioning has taught you, anything worth having takes effort. There is no cure-all-pill. There is no magic wand.

As personal development blogger Steve Pavlina says, “personal development is hard work.”

The question is: How much work are you willing to put in?

My experience:

During my freshman and sophomore year of high school I was on the cross country team and I routinely relied on the quick fix.

Instead of putting in the work as my teammates did, I looked for every shortcut possible.

While my friends would be doing the extra runs, I would be sitting at home claiming that my hypnosis cd’s and health products would give me the strength to run stellar times.

While some of the personal development products I bought did help me in the long run, my head wasn’t in the right place.

My intentions by all means were sincere, and I wanted to be the best runner I possibly could, but I unfortunately adopted the wrong mindset and as a result struggled.

I wanted the glory with out the work.

Instead of eating right and doing recovery runs like my other teammates, I relied on the power of the “special pill” hoping that one day I would magically be able to run quick times.

Because I didn’t put in the work I continually performed far below my expectations.

It took a while but I finally realized my faulty logic.

The funny thing is when I began truly training and putting in effort the results began to show. Sure it took a lot of hard work but I throughly enjoyed myself along the way.

One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned is that there is no such thing as a quick fix.

The success mindset

Instead of always looking for the quick fix it is important you train your mind and focus on the long term. Your mind is your greatest asset.

Those who constantly look for the quick fix are simply afraid to work. And believe me I used to be one of those people.

Any truly successful person knows anything worth having takes work. You can fantasize all you want but without action nothing will happen. When you consciously choose to put in the work its only a matter of time before you reach your goals.

Quick fixes are just that. They satisfy your ego now, but never benefit you in the long term.

Those who rely on quick fixes generally live rather uninspired life. You’re better than that aren’t you?

In everything you do always ask yourself “Is this a quick fix or will it benefit me in the long run?”

Instead of spending thousands of hours and dollars on quick fixes it is important you choose to create your life consciously.

Your mindset is your key to happiness and success. Adopting the mindset of successful and happy individuals will completely transform your life.

Turn your back to the quick fix and look forward to the long term benefits that continous effort will bring you.

Do what you love

With thousands of products promoting, better health, sex, and more money why is that everyone is so unhappy?

Because the majority of people don’t do what they love.

Many people look for the quick fix because they hold the belief achieving the life of your dreams can be achieved at the push of a button. That’s social conditioning for you.

The quick fix myth is a great source of unhappiness.

Why do people look for a quick fix? Because they want instant results with out effort.

The problem with this mindset is everything worth having takes effort.

Most people looking for a quick fix look for the quick fix because they currently fill their days with things they do not enjoy.

Effort doesn’t have to be a bad thing if your doing the things you love. The problem is when you put effort into things you dislike or even hate.

When you begin doing what you love something amazing happens. Life becomes magical.

When do what you love your effort doesn’t seem so laborious. It actually feels good to work and to be alive.

When you live a life you love you wouldn’t be caught dead looking for a quick fix because you begin to enjoy the journey as what it is meant to be.

Consciously creating your life may take hard work but it is an incredibly rewarding process. This all happens when do begin doing what you love.

Hard work pays off

I’m sure you’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again, the journey not the destination is what makes life worth living.

Want to lose weight? Go outside and do something you enjoy.

Want better relationships? Consciously work on them.

Want more money? Offer more value.

Yes all these things take work but the journey is what makes you come alive. It won’t always be easy but at least you can claim you lived.

As much as your ego doesn’t want to hear it, no quick fix will ever bring you sustaining happiness.

Are you waiting for the quick fix to turn your life around?

Quit wasting your time. Put in the work and you will reap the rewards.

It’s time for you to live.