The Easiest Productivity Hack Ever

Struggling to be productive? Full of thoughts yet lacking action?

This method will get you going.

For the next week do the following:

Everyone morning, take a out a piece of paper. Write down everything you want to do that day.

Then take out another piece paper and write down everything you actually do.

Be sure to include that you watched three hours of T.V. No cheating.

Because we all apparently lack time, it’s important to see  where the time really goes.

In regard to my own productivity, today was not a good day.

Shame is a great way to get you up off your ass and dive into the work you so desperately want to do. 



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  • Writing down everything you do in a day is a very good exercise to find out where your time is spent. I like your additional suggestion of writing down everything you plan to do. Comparing the planned versus the actual will allow for a good checkup.

    It’s been a while since I tracked my whole day. I’ve slowly been cutting out the major time wasters like TV and Facebook, so that I can have time for things that are more important, like playtime with my daughter.

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