One of the most common questions I get is about the tools and resources I use to build A Boundless World and stay productive. Here’s exactly what I use for blogging, staying focused and organized, and the gear for the A Boundless World Podcast.

FULL TRANSPARENCY : I have used affiliate links where possible, which means I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. In many instances, I’ve worked out a deal with the company to provide you a discount. I PERSONALLY have used every single resource I’ve listed and consider them an essential part of my everyday life. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


WordpressWordPress  [FREE] WordPress is the content management system I use here at A Boundless World. It has worked incredibly well for me and I highly recommended using it for your own site. Due to its popularity there are thousands of additional plugins and trouble shooting resources available for free on the web.

– I’ve used NameCheap to purchase over 50 domains and have never had an issue. Most domains run at around 10 dollars a year a small price to pay. I purchase my domains here and then host them on Dreamhost.


DreamHost-210x210Dreamhost – Dreamhost is the hosting company I’ve been with since the start of A Boundless World in 2008. They have fantastic customer service and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Can setup WordPress with one click. Their basic plan allows for multiple domains which is great for people who have lots of ideas – like me 🙂


genesis-logo-whiteGenesis Wordpres Framework by Stuido Press – I recently switched my theme and framwork over to Genesis and couldn’t be happier. Genesis makes it easy to tweak your site, comes with nice SEO benefits, and has a ton of additional themes purchase to make your site truly stand out.



Sucuri – Last year, I was hacked and it was real pain to deal with. Sucuri quickly took care of the malware and got my site up and running like new.  Being hacked is not a problem until it is. A must have for anyone taking their website seriously.


optinmosterOptin Monster – After years of virtually ignoring my email list, I’ve decided to start getting serious. This tool has helped me significantly increase my opts and begin building my list.


mailchimpMailChimp [FREE] While there are several options for email providers out there, I’m a big fan of MailChimp because of their great customer service and intuitive mailing list platform. Their service is also free up to 2,000 subscribers which makes it a no brainer to use when just getting started.


SumoMe SumoMe [FREE] I’m a huge fan of Noah Kagen and his SumoMe tools are incredible. I use SumoMe to help increase my mailing list subscribers and get people to share content on social media.




Libsyn Hosting – Libsyn is the hosting I use for my podcast files and it’s the go to host for many of today’s most popular podcasts. Their rates are very fair and you can get started for just a few dollars a month. I anticipate I’ll be with them for a very long time.


podcasterPodcasters Paradise When I decided to start my podcast, I knew that I needed to take it seriously which is why I decided to join John Lee Dumas’s premium podcasting course. I can’t tell you how valuable it has been for my podcast experience.


Microphonemain_24 – Sound quality is ESSENTIAL when it comes to building a ssuccessful podcast and the ATR2100 is close to as good as it gets. It comes USB ready which is super helpful for when on the go. I picked mine up for around 75 dollars and have had many listeners tell me how great the sound quality is.

Ecamm – I do virtually all my podcast interviews over Skype and Ecamm allows me to record the conversation. It’s super simple to use and gets the job done.


audition_3_mnemonicAdobe Audition – When I first started podcasting I tried to use the free tool Audacity. While it worked, it wasn’t nearly as intuitive as Adobe Audition. Adobe Audtion starts at 20 dollars a month which though pricey, is worth every penny.


Awesome Tools

Evernote Evernote [FREE] I’m certainly not the first person to share their enthuasism for Evernote, but I’m a believer. I use Evernote to take notes, organize my thoughts, and write blog posts.


Rescue TimeRescue Time – Over the last few years I’ve grown increasingly fascinated with the idea of tracking everything. Rescue Time allows me to track what I’m doing on the computer so I can increase my productivity and stay on task.


Flux_sunset_logoFl.ux  [FREE] If you spend a ton of time on the computer (which is virtually everyone) Fl.ux is a must have. It tints your screen colors based on the time of day reducing the strain on your eyes significantly. Word of caution, be sure to turn it off when you’re doing design work. 😉


Focus-Booster-Logo Focus Booster [FREE] I use Focus Booster on my mac to help me keep focused. It’s a smaller timer that runs on your desktop reminding you to keep focused for the allotted amount of time. I like to do work in 30 minute sprints and then take a short break. The app is based on the popular productivity system the pomodoro technique. I’m not perfect when it comes to sticking with it, but when I do my productivity increase dramatically.


AudibleAudible – I’m a huge fan of learning and so I’m always either reading or listening to a great audio book. Definitely a must have for those who like to listen to audiobooks. #ProTip – I like to listen to audiobooks at 1.5 or 2x the speed which helps me stay engaged and saves me incredible amounts of time. Use this link and get your first months book free!


oyster_iphone_app_iconOyster – For a small monthly fee, Oyster allows you to read unlimited amounts of the most popular books today. If you’re a huge reader like I am, the savings add up quickly. 🙂


TripIt_icon_flatTripit  [FREE]  travel a lot. Tripit helps make traveling easier. It gives your reminders and updates about all your travel plans and let’s you know if there are any delays. Tripit once told me my flight was late before the airline employee.



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