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Everyone Knows Everything

Especially the people that don’t.
You don’t receive invitations to tea parties by name dropping 112 types of tea.
Move forward with confidence but leave the suit of arrogance at home.
You’re never to0 great to learn.
I wrote this for me but perhaps you can relate.

It’s Not The Idea

That matters. It’s the execution. Ideas are abundant – proper execution is not. One of my all time favorite posts is by Derek Sivers. He shares his thoughts on ideas and execution here. It’s tempting to wait for that big idea to boost you into stardom but with growing experience I’ve begun to see for myself that waiting equates to letting your fears win. Chase and perfect...

How To Make Money Online

There are only two ways to make money online.
1. Steal the trust of the unsuspecting. Manipulate your customer all the way to the bank.
2. Offer true value. Share real stories. Improve the world through service.
The 1st may be easier and perhaps more lucrative. But the 2nd allows you to sleep at night – a worthy goal in itself.

Practicing Patience

My roommate Andrew and I just went to the local bar and grill to take advantage of their Sunday burger special. Over the last few months it’s become somewhat of a routine. While the service at this establishment is never extraordinary, tonight was down right atrocious. For starters, it took over 25 minutes to get served water. We were forgotten. We didn’t get any napkins. It took over...

Why You Don’t Have To Quit Your Job To Change The World

There’s a common perception in the internet world that in order to be truly happy you have to quit your job, and that if you’re not working on your own terms you aren’t living up to your own potential. A few years ago, I drank that kool aid regularly. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for not only entrepreneurs but for those who hold jobs...


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