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What gives you a headache – the kind that really keeps you up at night?
Invest your effort and resources there.
Stop headaches. Change the world.

Work to Sweat

I was at the gym the other day and I jogged a few laps.
My first thought was – great job for jogging – now you can go home.
But then it hit me.
Small wins, short steps, may be good for motivations sake.
But if you’re not uncomfortable, or stretching for that next bar, you’re failing to appreciate the beauty of the work. 
Work to sweat, or stay home.

How To Plan For The Unexpected

Plan for the unexpected! Predict how your business will behave in 5 years! Know the future damnit!  These are common nuggets of supposed wisdom broadcasted heavily from the business world. Unfortunately, wasting precious hours “predicting” the future is a significant waste of time.  Certainly there’s tremendous value in sketching a map. But the trap of  mistaking planning for...

Three Simple Words That Can Change Your Life

I screwed up.  Three simple words yet so hard to muster.  Admitting when you’re wrong is never easy – no one likes to showcase their weak spot. Yet having the ability to acknowledge when you came up short can literally change your life. Growing up I carried the notion that messing up was bad. I was too good to fail. I was always right. Wearing that armor blinded me from seeing my...

What They Hear

Despite your best intentions the world might not hear what you would have hoped. Your blog post may be taken out of context. Your desire to lead may seem too pushy. Your humor may not carry a single laughing note. Your great idea may be received with huh? Putting yourself out there is scary and a endeavor not everyone accepts. But what they hear does matter and only you can control what you sing...


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