Obvious to you, amazing to others

As a creative who has been writing online for over 15 + years, I've had my share of doubts.

Why would anyone even listen to what I have to say?

Hasn't that already been shared by someone who was able to say it better?

Is investing the hours it takes to write the perfect blog post even going to make a difference?

Of course, I'm certainly not alone.

Anyone who has ever shared a piece of writing, art, or creation with the world, as likely felt the same.

It's a common trap, to think that what's obvious to you, is obvious to others. But much of the time that simply isn't the case.

Instead of sharing our gifts with the world, we retreat back to under our blanket where we are allegedly immune to the criticisms of the outside world.

And in doing so, we let our obvious suffocate under the desire of comfort.

In perhaps one of my favorite videos online, Derek Sivers captures that feeling virtually every ambitious mind has once had.

I invite you to watch the short clip, and then have the courage to leave your mark on the world.