What do you believe?

With all that is going on in the world, we're frequently exposed by messaging on how we should or should not feel. How we should or should not act.

COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Politics, relationships and the like.

On the surface, denouncing racism and fighting for equality is a great start. But any reasonable person can get behind that.

A low hanging fruit for progress, but surface level.

The difficult conversations (and real change) occurs when you dig a little deeper. When you have those conversations that are uncomfortable. When you sit with your thoughts and POV and work to develop how you see the world.

Most issues are incredibly complex, which is why binary thinking is often ineffective.

The problem is, we rarely take the time understand what we think and why.

For example, in the case of police brutality. What do you believe? How can we enact change?

Go beyond what you read online from your favorite organizations or journalists.

What do you think? What do you propose?

Is police brutality a major issue?

Does it need complete and total reform?

If so, what does that reform look like?

Do you believe all police officers are bad?

Do you believe some police officers are good? Do you have relationships with the police in your local community? Maybe a family member has served honorably for years.

I have my opinions and so do you.

But I believe we would benefit massively as a society if we spent more time thinking through these issues, rather than simply repeating what we've been told.

We're all guilty of this of course. Media obviously shapes how many of us think and feel.

But when you buy into that there's only option A or B, you're missing out on the potential of E,J, and K.

No matter what issue is on the center stage, don't outsource your thinking. Make your own conclusions by taking the time to understanding what you actually believe.

Anything else is false progress.