Update on learning Spanish

A few weeks ago, I shared my public commitment to learning Spanish. I wanted to give a quick update for those following along.

I've made quite a bit of progress over the last few weeks, both of which I attribute to the amazing language app Drops, and my wonderful teach I found on Italki, Andrea.

While I still have a long ways to go, I've noticed a significant increase in my understanding of Spanish, however I still need to work on improving my speaking ability.

Up until this point, I've "tried" learning Spanish with very little to show. Learning a language, as with running cross country, is something you can't really fake.

When I was in high-school, I loved cross country running, because you were truly only as good as your last race. It didn't matter if you did great on your last run, the only thing that mattered was the run at hand.

I've been increasing the amount I speak to my wife in Spanish as well, and the sounds are starting to become much more natural to my ear. According to the Drops app, I understand about 300+ words which puts me at the latter end of "tourist" level.

In addition to classes, doing Spanish homework has also been incredibly helpful to help me retain what I've learned. As someone who wasn't a huge fan of school, it hasn't been easy, but I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made so far.

I suspect, my learning will increase exponentially over the next month as I continue to add words to my vocabulary and continue to get used to the sounds.

I'm very excited about what's to come.