Things you can control in uncertain times

To avoid the inevitable "this is tone deaf" comments, I should preface today's post by saying that if you are directly affected by the coronavirus and have lost your home, loved one, or job as a result, these tips and suggestions may not be as applicable.

It's perfectly okay to have a "shit" attitude, if you just lost your job, or if a family member or friend is sick.

That said, if you're just scared or feeling uncertain like most of the world, I hope this short post brings you some value.  

Show gratitude

In uncertain times, expressing gratitude daily can help ease anxiety and remind you all the 'good' things you have in life. While showing gratitude in good times can be incredible, it's even more impact in times that are rough.

Take a moment and think about what you're grateful for. What you had for lunch? A roof over your head? Catching up with a family member or friend you haven't spoken to in ages?

Get moving

If you're stuck at home unable to go out, there's no excuse as to why you can't spend 30-60 minutes a day doing some sort of exercise.

Whether that's some pushups and sit-ups, jogging in place, or following along with some yoga videos online, you can use this extra time to work on your physical (and mental health.)

Even seven minutes of exercise can make a massive difference.

Establish a routine even if small

Being forced to stay home or not go to work can obviously have a drastic affect on your daily routine. Maybe you can't get your favorite coffee at Starbucks in the morning.

Or maybe you're required to do some household chores or parent while at home.

Routines can help bring calmness in chaos. If things are overwhelming, try and establish a small routine you can stick to.

For example, "after I wakeup, I'll listen to an uplifting podcast for 10 minutes."

Or "At 6 PM I'll close my computer and turn off my phone."

Things may be different over the upcoming months, but you can work to establish a routine that works for you.

Reflect on your goals and relationships

If you're like many, you've spent the last few weeks texting and calling people close to you. From friends, to family, to distant relatives, getting in touch with those you care about is incredibly helpful.

During this time, take a moment to reflect on your relationships. Where can you improve? What relationships are going well? Is there someone you could apologize to?

You can also use this time to reflect on your goals. Are they really that important? Or were you just chasing clout and prestige? It's amazing what a little perspective can do to your goals and ambitions. Use this time wisely.

Your attitude

Finally, without to sound cliche, you can control your attitude to some extent. Yes, times are tough, and yes people are literally losing loved ones. But when possible, do your best to look for the moments of opportunity.

Reality may still sting. Reality may still bring tears. But a good attitude goes a long way in helping weather the storm.

As the saying goes, this too shall pass.