Do You Take The Pessimism Pill?

Everyday you have a choice. You can choose to take the pessimism pill, or you can choose to reject it. But don’t waste your time pretending you’re powerless.

A lot of people take the pill without even acknowledging their choice. They remain a victim to what life throws at them.

Instead of embracing their freedom, they hide behind a shield, creating the illusion that they are helpless.

Look beyond the illusion however, and you’ll notice that with each choice you make comes consequences.

When you complain you’re choosing the pessimism pill.

When you surround yourself with people who bring you down, you’re choosing to take the pessimism pill.

When you view the world from a lens shaded grey you’re choosing the pill.

Of course there will be times when the urge of the pill will outweigh your motivation to reject it.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t strive towards a pill free day.

Don’t worry about what tomorrow brings. Stay focused on today. When you wake up ask yourself, “Will I consume the pessimism pill today?”

Answer. And then live with your choice.

Today I happily turned the pill down. Can you say the same?