The resistance

It stares you in the face the moment you dare to dream big.

It hovers over you, as you move to hit publish or send.

It tricks you into thinking that you're destined to play small.

It forces you to clean your desk for the 7th time today.

And it makes you reconsider the walk into the unknown.

It fills you with worry and doubt, excuses and other more important things.  

It says it only has your best interests in mind.

It paces back and fourth begging for your attention. Wanting desperately for you to join it in the place where ambition goes to die.

It puts pebbles in your shoe. Alters your alarm. And whispers "what if..."

It schemes it. It plots. It wants you to stay stuck forever.

And yet, it can never keep up long enough to hold you back from where you need to be, just as long as you don't stop moving.