The lazy man always does twice the work.

Shortly after, my now wife, and I started dating, she shared a Spanish proverb with me that I've thought a lot about since.

In Spanish it reads: El bago siempre pasa double trabajo, which translates to the lazy man always does twice the work.

Of course, it was only coincidence that she would remind me of the phrase always after I finished cleaning the house or doing the dishes.

In our constant search for shortcuts, we often end up walking the longer road. It may be easy to put something off now, but in the end you often do twice the work.

Just as sweating the small stuff can be life changing, doing the work the 1st time around is often the best path to take.

In college, I was REALLY bad at math.

Instead of putting in the work and doing what I needed to get by, I ignored my math homework and skipped class frequently.  It was no surprise, that I ended up having to take the class again.

When you choose the path of short term gain, you're not being cute or clever, you're making it hard for your future self.

Do those dishes now. Clean your desk fully. Commit to giving your best on the task, even though it may not be your favorite thing to do.

El bago siempre pasa double trabajo.

I wrote this for me, perhaps you can relate.