The impossible

Yesterday, I shared that to increase the difficulty of my daily blogging challenge, I was going to commit to 1,500 words on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

While I am confident in my writing abilities and can write 1,500 words fairly easily, immediately after publishing I got... well scared.

Can I really write 1,500 words 3 times a week? What if I run out of topics to write about? What if I start repeating everything? Will anyone actually care?

Of course, this is the classic case of resistance. Who knows... I may fail. I may come up short.

Heck, I publicly shared I was going to release a Zoom course that I never did. It's one thing to sit on the sidelines and THINK about what you're going to do. It's another thing entirely to make it happen.

When I first committed to blogging every day I felt that exact same fear. Blogging every day!? Are you out of your mind. But so far so good.

I'm excited at the additional commitment because I believe it will dramatically improve how I think and hopefully help those who consume my work.

It's always impossible, until it's done.