The Future of Work

Having spent the last several years living in Santiago, Chile and working remotely, I’ve become intimately aware of the many benefits and challenges that remote work presents.

While many companies and startups in tech continue to bet heavily on building distributed teams, it’s important to view the future of work from an unbiased perspective.

To be clear, working remotely has a virtually endless amount of benefits, but even so, not every type of employee and employer are necessarily equipped to make remote work, work for them.

Just as some individuals thrive in a traditional 9-5 environment, certain molds of employees may not benefit from working remotely. Many remote first organizations would benefit significantly from incorporating a physical aspect of company culture and comradery.

Over the last several months I’ve had the pleasure of helping build Pesto, which helps India engineers connect with some of the most successful companies in tech today.

I’ve seen first hand how the lack of opportunities are holding some of our brightest and most driven from reaching their full potential, and I’m of the belief remote work is part of the answer to change that at a global scale.

While remote work is continuing to mature, it’s clear to me that going remote will allow otherwise overlooked talent at making their mark on the world.

Just a decade ago, that wouldn’t be possible.

As remote work becomes more commonplace, I hope that we can continue to have a nuanced discussion on how to leverage remote work to unlock the potential of millions around the world that have up until now been carelessly overlooked.

I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.