The Creators War

For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed putting words on an empty page. The feeling is bliss, and I'm addicted.

I remember when I was about 12 years old, having first thought about "being a writer" I locked myself in my room for four days straight, typing away at a "novel" that turned out surprisingly similar to the hit T.V show "Lost."

It was never published.

My relationship with writing to this day, a day in which I find myself 28, has always remained complicated.

If we were in a relationship on Facebook that is precisely the box I would check.

Just as most creatives struggle to find the balance of creating art and fighting the never-ending battles of self-doubt, I too often lose my way.

I hide under the covers instead of facing the blank page.

I pretend what I say doesn't matter, and lose myself in distraction.

I let the endless voice of criticism drown my gift from being heard.

Perhaps you can relate.

I've been fortunate to talk with hundreds of other creatives, and time and time again I discover we all walk the same rocky path. Some turn around, and others continue to blaze their path.

Your fear is normal. It's expected.

Sharing your greatness with the world is tiring.

It's difficult. It's scary.

It's also immensely rewarding.

Which is why the world needs you.

In an age where fear peaks around every corner, and every electronic screen, it's more important than ever for you to combat the darkness with your light.

Your gift requires courage. It requires sacrifice.

Especially when it's hard.

But that's why your gift is so special.

I love writing. It brings me joy. But it also demands my best. Which can at times be difficult to give.

I've sworn to give up writing on many occasions.

Always promising that I'm done. I've run away from my special power, pretending just to fit in.

But for some reason, I always return to the blank page.

Without hyperbole, writing has saved my life.

It helped me through some of my darkest times.

It helped me cope with watching my best friend die.

It helped me explore the world of personal growth and become the person I am today.

And I'm certain your gift has saved your life as well.

I'm certain your gift can change the world in ways you can't even imagine. But only if you show up.

I'm certain, but are you?

If you're a writer, you must write.

If you're an artist, you must create.

If you're a maker, you must make.

No matter how hard it might be. You must never stop. For that's the only way.

When we choose to go to battle, we too often feel alone.

It's us vs them. Our mind vs. the world.

But we forget the millions of makers before us, who felt the same fear and created any way.

Let today be the year you get back to making.

The year you embrace your gift.

The world needs you. Will you give it your all?