The cost of too many options

When applying for a new job, it's only natural to want a few options to choose from.

When on the prowl for a long term romantic partner, going on multiple dates can also be a wise move.

And you can't wrong with having a choice between your favorite pizza, Chinese, or Mexican place.

But many times there's a heavy cost.

With more paths to choose from in virtually every area of our life, it's easy to default into "choosing another" path when our desire for instant gratification isn't met.

Ugh, this job sucks, I'm going to look for a new one.

I don't like that one minor thing about this person I'm dating... back to swiping right.

Not every decision you make is going to be perfect. There are tradeoffs with every choice.

In an age of so many options, many of us have become soft. Instead of choosing another path at the slightest hint of uncomfortable, sometimes it's in our best interest to stick with original plan.