The cost of moving quickly

In most cases, there's a significant advantage to moving quickly.

Being the first to implement a new marketing trend in business for example, can often pay massive dividends.

Going from idea to MVP in days instead of months can lay the foundation for rapid progress.

All things equal, fortune favors those who move quickly.


In some cases moving quickly can put you at a signifiant advantage.

Sometimes it's best to let others work out the kinks.

Jumping into a new venture or experiment quickly can be costly, and sometimes even set you back.

Moving fast also means you'll inevitability make more  mistakes, and for those who don't have thick skin the criticism that follows can be overwhelming.

Sometimes speed outweighs the mistakes, other times walking just a little slower turns out to be the best choice to make.

Most people move far too slowly, and can benefit greatly from picking up the pace.

Just be ready for the bumps in the road when you begin your full on sprint.