The benefits of nose breathing

I recently started reading the excellent book, The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick G McKeown, which is essentially an entire book about why mouth breathing is so detrimental to our health and why we should breathe through our nose instead.

Having also been deeply interested in the Wim Hoff Method, I've found many similarities of what's covered, and have already started implementing much of what I've learned.

Most notably, to my wife's dismay I've been taping my mouth shut before going to bed so that my body can 'relearn' how to breathe naturally and automatically through the nose.

According to McKeown is takes about 3 months of consistent taping of the mouth before you no longer have to do so. I've been taping my mouth for the last 7-8 days, and I must say I've noticed a signifiant increase in energy and calmness.

While I can't yet write off the placebo affect, the energy uptick has been fairly noticeable. I've even noticed an pretty large increase in my libido as well, which is one of the benefits touted in the book.  

Even just becoming more conscious of my breathing has seemed to have had a positive overall effect. Given how easy it is simply to tape your mouth before bed, this one of those experiments I feel like I can't afford not to try.

If it works, amazing, if not, I was just that silly guy who taped his mouth shut for the three months.

One of the tipping points for me implementing some of the suggestions in the book is I had talked with one of my incredibly succesful founder friends who swore by the practice.

According to her, through the practice of breathing through her nose, she was able to stop taking her ADHD medication completely, which is pretty remarkable.

I'll continue to share what I learn through the book and report back my own personal experience once a longer period of time has passed.

I will end today with a fascinating fact regarding the nose – 70% of your nose is inside your skull, with only 30% of your nose being visible.

Pretty cool.