The $300,000 Question

If I were to write you a check for $300,000 to start a business  of your choosing, could you leverage that capital to create the most successful company in the world?

Probably not.

And yet, that's exactly what Jeff Bezos did when his parents gave him a 300,000 loan to start Amazon in his garage.

When reflecting on the incredible success of Amazon, it would be disingenuous not to acknowledge that Jeff benefited from a great deal of privilege. Not everyone has access to a 300,000 loan from their parents.

And while the fact should be part of the story, it shouldn't be the whole piece.

Hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs raise 300,000 each year in funding, and very few remain around a decade later, let alone becoming one of the top companies in the world.

Those focusing solely on the 300,000 loan he received are missing the bigger picture. There are many other factors that come into play. Luck, timing, vision, team and more.

Don't let the fact that Jeff was able to raise capital prevent you from taking your first step. You may not be able to build the next Amazon, or even get a loan, but you sure as hell can build something you're proud of, regardless of where you start.

We all are privileged in our own unique way, and of course some start the race while others are still just tying their shoes.

But avoid the trap of thinking that if you had a 300,000 check, all your problems would be solved.