Sweat The Small Stuff

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received was to not "sweat the small stuff."

Surprisingly, it was also some of the worst.

No one benefits from obsessing over the little things that don't matter. Overthinking can, and does, do signifiant harm.

Did you choose the right shirt to wear to the event? Did you have a typo in the last email you sent? Did you accidentally say the wrong thing with no ill intent?

These things don't matter, but if you're not careful the small stuff can grow into something that does.

That slightly messy closet you've been meaning to clean becomes a 24/7 distraction.

That feedback for your coworker you've promised to give weeks ago.

That one conversation you had with a friend that still bothers you.  

If you find yourself to careless with the small stuff, it can quickly become big.

Sweat the small stuff now, so you can enjoy your rest later.