Raise Your Standards

One of the most effective ways to 'take things to the next level', is to raise your standards.

This applies to the standards you set for yourself, as well as the standards you have for family, friends, and even colleagues.

Often times, our biggest struggles, stem from having low standards and letting things slide.

Your friend cancels plans with you for the 3rd time in the last month. Oh well.

You let yourself off the hook of going to the gym for the 2nd time in a row. There's always tomorrow.

You break your commitments when you promised otherwise.

Raising your standards doesn't mean that you should beat yourself up, or be overly harsh on those close to you. It simply means you get in the habit of EXPECTING more. You can certainly swing too far to one side, but many of us don't demand enough from our reality.

Raising your standards means doing what you say you will. It means commanding respect from your social circle. It means following through even when things are hard.

Having higher standards doesn't mean things will be perfect. You're going to slip up and you'll inevitably be let down. But having a higher baseline creates less problems in the long run.

Stop making excuses. Expect more. And watch as life rewards you.