Quarantine Update

Quick personal update. Currently, Ciudad Satelite, where I live in Santiago, has been included in the latest round of extended areas to go under full quarantine here in Chile.

Up until this point, we've been able to go out and about with limited restriction with a 10 pm t0 5 am curfew included.

Given winter is upon us here in Chile, the government appears to be increasing how serious they are taking COVID-19.

With full quarantine under effect beginning tonight at midnight, we'll need to use a online pass with our phones if we want to go out to buy food or walk our dogs. According to the current rules, each person can request up to 5 passes per week. Being caught without a timed pass on your phone can result in a fine or additional punishment.

Between Belen and I that's a maximum total of 10 times we can take our dogs out to go poop or pee. Should be an interesting time. Will share any additional updates as they occur. Thanks for checking in.