Practicing Patience

My roommate Andrew and I just went to the local bar and grill to take advantage of their Sunday burger special.

Over the last few months it’s become somewhat of a routine.

While the service at this establishment is never extraordinary, tonight was down right atrocious.

For starters, it took over 25 minutes to get served water.

We were forgotten. We didn’t get any napkins. It took over an hour to get our food.

I was frustrated and full of complaints.

But as the night progressed, I began catching myself and my negative banter. Quickly I was reminded of the fact that my complaining did absolutely no good.

Instead of focusing on the terrible service, I began shifting the lens of why the service was bad. Maybe the waitress was having a bad day. Perhaps she had been working non stop and was simply tired.

I went from frustrated to understanding.

In the grand scheme of the things slow service wasn’t the end of the world.

By all means expect great service, but when the time comes and it's easy to complain, explore the alternative and use the experience as an opportunity to practice patience instead.

It may not be fun waiting an hour for your food or when the agent on the phone is frustrates you, but you may as well become a better person in the process.