New Blog Design

A few months ago I switched over from Wordpress to Ghost and have been working with the very talented Godo Fredo to make the design for ABW incredibly minimalist and easy to read.

While I've been using Wordpress for over a decade now (getting old) I grew frustrated with the bloat and overall lackluster of WP and have been pretty happy with Ghost so far. While not perfect, I like that with Ghost I can just focus on writing, and don't have to worry about anything else.

There have been a few bugs (such as with spellcheck) that has been frustrated, but I plan on staying with Ghost for the foreseeable future.

I worked with Godo to update my homepage, and finally intend on reviving my newsletter using Convertkit.

I'm super excited for how things have turned out, and it has made my daily blogging challenge even more fun to do.