New 30 Day Challenge - Wakeup at 5 AM

Starting on Wednesday, July 1st, a few buddies and I will kick off a 30 day challenge of waking up at 5 AM.

While I've done similar 30 day trials in the past, I'm particularly excited to leverage the extra quiet time in the morning to do a fair amount of focused work before 9 AM.

Rules of the challenge are wake up at 5 AM and get out of bed. Can go back to sleep if sick or absolutely necessary, but the assumption is to start your day at 5 AM. Naps are permitted as well.

I hope to use this time to finally ship a few projects, and continue working on landing a full time job in content marketing. I expect to increase the amount of books I'm reading as well.

As far as bed time goes, I'll be aiming to be in bed and winding down no later than 9-9:30.

I'll be sharing what I learn as we go. #excited.

P.S. Love you Belen. Thanks for supporting me in this challenge ;-)