My Weekly Review Process

After years of only sporadically doing a weekly review, I've been inspired by my friend Lorenzo to finally build it into a habit. I'm just kicking things off, but intend on sharing more about my process as the weeks progress.

Currently I'm using one of my favorite writing tools [[Roam Research]] to keep track of my weekly review. Starting with a few simple questions to reflect on the week and more importantly plan for the week ahead.

I did some searching for some 'good' weekly review questions and added a few of my own.

Here's what I currently have in Roam.

How do I feel I did this week overall?

I like this question because it gives me a baseline to reflect on in the future. We all have bad weeks and even months, but if I begin to notice a pattern of multiple bad weeks in a row, it's definitely time to adjust.

This week, was just okay. I didn't get everything I wanted to get done, but after feeling pretty down the week before it was an improvement. Additionally, I feel my wife and I handled the new stricter quarantine rules here in Santiago fairly well.

Weekly Wins

A followup to the prompt above, I like choosing 2-3 things that went well during the week. Even in an off week, this forces me to find the postive. Just like with my daily gratitude habit, this helps me focus on things that otherwise might be missed or glossed over. For example, this week I noted I kept up with all my habits even though there were a few days I didn't want to.

Noticeable Patterns

Here I reflect on a few of the daily notes I took during the week and jot down any patterns I've discovered. For example, this week I noticed the two days I took Modafinil I got a migraine, so that's obviously a sign I might be taking too much or it's a direct cause.

How can I improve for next week?

Pretty self explanatory here but what can you do to improve your next week? This week I wrote spend less time on my phone before bed.

Brain Dump

A "morning pages" for the week, here I'll just write down anything that's on my mind. Things  I want to do, any loose ends, things that are going well etc. I can then refer to the weekly brain dump to look for any helpful patterns. Anything goes here.

Focus for the upcoming week

Here I'll list anything I want to focus on the upcoming week and any loose hanging threads. I'll then review this section during that week's weekly review to see the difference between what I wanted to focus on and what actually did.

What did I procrastinate on?

We all procrastinate, but the 'pros' do everything they can to make sure they never procrastinate on doing what matters. If I say I want to do something and then don't do it for a few weeks I'll use this section to dive deeper. Incredibly helpful.

Interesting reads / quotes

I read a lot throughout the week. Here I'll list some of my favorite articles, books etc so I can easily reference them. If I find I'm not adding things here, it means I need to read more / find new sources for things to make me smarter. :)

I suspect I'll continue to tweak this as the weeks go on, but so far so good.

Do you do a weekly review? If so... what does your process look like?