Mental clutter

My wife and I spent most of the day getting rid of physical clutter around the house. We've been wanting to do a deep clean for several months but just never got around to it.

In a few hours we made an incredible amount of progress and rearranged several pieces of furniture as well. And while we will still have to do another round or two prior to our move back to the U.S. it FEELs good.

Physical clutter often gets the most focus in our daily lives. A messy desk distracts you. There's no avoiding it.

But there's another type of clutter that many of us don't deal with.


If you have 100 emails to respond to, or 5 books you 'need to read' that's going to take a toll.

Just as having multiple unfinished courses business ideas, mental clutter is just as if not more 'dangerous' than physical clutter.

If you find yourself procrastinating or feeling overly anxious, perhaps it's time you clear your mental ram.

Jot down everything you 'need' or 'want' to do. Spend an good 30 minutes to an hour here. Anything that comes to mind is fair game.

Once you've done that go Marie Kondo on it's ass. Does it bring you joy? Can you delegate it? Has something been sitting on that list for years?

Once you've determined what you are going to do... the next part is fun.

Call it quits on that have finished book. Give yourself permission to stop halfway through that course.

FEEL GOOD about clearing up your mental ram.

It's always the right time for a little spring cleaning of your mind.