Life multiplier : smart friends

In the online world, there's no shortage of tactics and strategies to become more successful. Wake up at 5 am. Get to inbox zero. Meditate.

Some work. Others don't. But many of these suggestions focus on changing one person: you.

While certain behaviors absolutely can have a profound positive impact on your life, I've found there's one "life hack" that doesn't get quite as much air time.

Having smart friends.

Now, of course, "smart" can mean many things to many people. Replace "smart" with curious/driven/ambitious/kind if you'd like.

Just as having a spouse or partner who supports you is a real game-changer, having a group of smart friends is a cheat code that far too many forget to toggle on.

Despite being comically over shared, "You are the average of your 5 closest friends" is more or less true.

The beautiful thing about this life multiplier, having smart friends, is with a little effort and luck, anyone can unlock the benefits.

With thousands of communities, both online and in-person, more accessible than ever, you can upgrade the quality of your social circle with relative ease

If you find yourself struggling to get that raise, find fulfillment in your relationships, or even hit the gym, your friends can often be the push you need

Do you have a group of core people you can turn to when you're feeling lost? When you have a question about marketing? About what move you should make next in your career? A social circle that makes you feel safe but also challenged?

Having smart friends is a multiplier, not a magical elixir. But it can help accelerate you on the path of where you need to go.

If you're not currently where you want to be, I challenge you to audit your social circle. Are they pushing you to your limits? Are they helping you become a better you?

Life is exponentially better when you have smart friends, and I'm incredibly grateful for mine.