Just one more course...

Several months ago, I wrote about "failure porn" and why our obsession with failure is incredibly counterproductive.

Of course, failure in itself isn't bad, but celebrating it non stop certainly isn't do yourself any favors.

I see the same thing with our obsession with online courses and our constant search for the perfect information.

Considering I've invested tens of thousands of dollars in courses of over my adult life, I'm not against buying courses that will help you reach your goals.

Maybe you want to get a raise. Perhaps you want to improve your copywriting. Maybe you want to learn how to market your biz more effectively.

The problem with online courses, however, is often the marketing for courses is so effective, simply pulling out your credit card makes you FEEL like you've made progress.

With several friends in the online courses industry, I know first hand how few people complete courses they invest hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars into. I've invested in a few courses I didn't complete as well.

We're all guilty.

While those investing in courses have a responsibility to take action on what they learn, it's a shame, so many of us get stuck in the never-ending loop of "I just need one more course."

Buying one course and giving it everything you have is far superior to racking up course after course; you only take a brief look through.

Yes, there are many great online courses and programs out there. Yes, a single course can change your life.

But if you constantly find yourself thinking "just one more course" is all you need, it's time to pause and reevaluate where you currently stand.

Do you need one more course? Or do you need to start taking action? Do you need more information? Or do you need to apply what you know?

Something to consider, next time you pull your wallet out to invest in the latest launch.