Is Life Just Like The Sims?

Imagine if you were like a Sims character with someone watching you from above.

You have free will, but you're just a piece of a puzzle designed to be enjoyed.

What would you change? Would you take more risks? Work on leveling your character up more?

Worry less about those "life changing" setbacks?

Would you be more focused? Spend more time on what matters?

Would you trust that the simulation has your best interests at heart?
Of course, I'm not suggesting to ignore the physical realities of the world.

Jumping off a building to test the simulation theory would most certainly end poorly.

But there are many benefits to be had from viewing the world from a completely different lens.

Whether or not you are a "real-life Sims character" is irrelevant.
Anyone can benefit from momentarily pretending life is a game.