I don't know is not an excuse

Disclaimer: While I wrote this yesterday, some particularly ambitious vandals decided to snip the internet lines of multiple companies where I live, so I was unable to post this yesterday. My streak is still in tact ;-)

I don't know how is not an excuse

Last week I shared how it's easy for us to come up with excuses on why we can't do something.

While we should avoid excuses in general,  perhaps one of the most damaging stories we tell ourselves is "I don't know how."

I don't know how to start a blog..

I don't know how to get a raise...

I don't know how to lose weight...

I don't know how to code...

The problem however is I don't know how isn't even a valid excuse. It's a lie we tell ourselves to avoid putting in the work.

You might not be able to do something, but it's most certainly not because you don't know how.