How valuable is your work?

Can you without hesitation say that your current career path is important? Is it a vehicle for you to share your gifts and talents, or are you simply a cog in the machine?

As we hear more about about the economy and catastrophic amount of unemployment, I've been thinking a lot about the value my own work brings. As well as the many jobs we as a society have created.

Would the world miss my world if I stopped tomorrow? What would your answer be?

Of course, we all have bills to pay. We all have to make a living, and some of us are responsible for more than just ourselves. A job certainly shouldn't 'define' you, but it undoubtedly plays a much larger role in who you are than most people realize.  

No amount of positivity, can help soften the blow of being laid off or fired, especially in these turbulent times. But, it's always worth asking whether the way you make a living in inline with the person you want to be.