How I'm Using Roam Research To Make Better Predictions

Like many "productivity" and "app" junkies, I spend a lot of time testing and playing around with new apps and tools.

As a content marketer and writer, I currently do most of my writing in Ulysses, and capture with Drafts or Bear but am always on the prowl to improve my writing and capture workflow.

Despite me WANTING to like Notion and Evernote, I haven't been able to fully buy in.

Over the last few months I've been playing around with a new writing and research tool aptly named Roam Research. While the UI leaves much to be desired and it the learning curve is steep, I'm starting to become a bigger fan each and every day.

While I'm not yet ready to dive into sharing my workflow publicly, I have been experimenting with a cool use case I don't believe has been shared anywhere else.

Prior to the Texan's getting blown out by the Chiefs, I noted that I thought it would be the 49er's vs Texans in the Super Bowl.

I opened my "predictions" page in Roam and stated such.

It shows the day in which I made the prediction and I set it to pop to the top of my notes on February 7th.

On February 7th, I then quickly tag whether the prediction was right or wrong as well as any other insight or notes about the prediction.

Given the way Roam is designed, it is incredibly easy to reference your writing and notes with ease and you do not have to move your content into any particular bucket or folder.

As I continue to make more predictions, I'll be able to quickly see what predictions were right, and what were wrong.

Despite humans being incredibly confident in their ability to predict the future, we notoriously bad. It's my hope Roam will help me keep track of my predictions and provide unique insights as to where my biggest blind spots about human nature are.

While I realize this is an incredibly brief introduction to Roam, I highly recommend you give it a try.

It's looking as if Roam will be THE tool that has the most impact on my personal and professional life in 2020.