How I Plan To Finally Learn Spanish

A few weeks ago, I shared publicly that I had committed to learning Spanish "once and for all."

Despite living in Chile for the last five years, and having a wife who is Chilean, I haven't invested the time nor effort to become fluent.

One of the things I did immediately upon taking up the challenge is force myself to begin speaking in Spanish more both around the house and while out in the city.

While my wife does speak Spanish at home on occasion, it has never been consistent, (to no fault of her own.)

Because her English is perfect, it's far too easy to fall into the trap of simply speaking English when I don't want to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

To her credit, she has been incredibly patient with me and frequently tries to speak Spanish so I can learn. However my ego and stubbornness unfortunately got in the way, often.

In addition to speaking more around the home (and making many mistakes in the process) I decided to invest in a Spanish teacher through the website ITalki. My teacher is Chilean, but lives in Serbia - talk about an interesting world.

I have committed to doing  2-3 classes a week in addition to spending an hour or two each day to further what I've learned. My wife has already noticed a signifiant improvement of my Spanish and it's only been a few weeks.

I've been hesitant to write about this for a while, because quite frankly it's embarrassing I have yet invested the time to learn Spanish. In line with the common stereotype of American's I've been lazy and haven't put in the effort.

In addition, while it would be easy to continue to put myself down on what I haven't done, I've decided moving forward I want to focus on what I'm doing now. I hope and expect to be able to be fluent in Spanish by middle or later this year.

In other exciting news, my wife and I have also decided to learn Chinese together when I feel comfortable with my level of Spanish.

I'll be sharing some of the many lessons of my journey on the blog, and I'm excited to finally be taking the next steps to learning a new language.