Goals vs Dreams

Today, I took part in a goal setting process hosted by Complice and felt the exercises were incredibly helpful to position myself for a strong 2nd half of the year. While I hope to expand on the process in the future, I did really like the framing of the difference between goals vs dreams.

Although simple on the surface it really helped me gain clarify on what was important to me vs what's nice to have.

Dreams are something you may want to accomplish in the future, and goals are something you have a plan for. Dreams are good to have, but if you don't have a game-plan on how to reach them, it's going to be incredibly challenging to get there.

In one of the exercises, we are instructed to write out a list of dreams with the intention of having a list of 50+ items. Next, we worked to break down those dreams into a much smaller subset. Then, once we had a smaller list, we would break down how were going to accomplish the rest of the list.

I broke my goals into 4 categories in Roam.

In about an hour I was able to much more clear on what things actually matter and what it's going to take to get there. Incredibly excited to start executing on them. :)