Get your reps in

While it's tempting to look for the most efficient way to accomplish something, that search is often procrastination in disguise.

Often times, the most effective path is putting the reps in.

Want to lose weight? Exercise and eat well consistently.

Want to become a better writer? Write a lot and publish it online.

Want to move up the career ladder? Add value as often as you can.

Here's what my Spanish teacher recently shared on how I can continue to get better.

"It needs to be complemented with work everyday, you need to really immerse yourself in the language. Everyday just a little, the more you hear it and and expose to it, the easier it’ll get."

The reason our progress often stalls is because we flinch at doing the work.

"It’s like exercising, you don’t get a flat stomach by just sitting in front of the computer all day eating pizza."

You can't learn Spanish by stuffing your face. In what area of your life does the same apply to you?