Thinking of your future self

I've been on a bit of habit kick lately, trying to strengthen my foundation by building good habits.

Getting 8 hours of sleep. Flossing. Meditating daily. Drinking more water.

The benefits have been adding up nicely.

One of the things I've found helpful in making my habits stick is thinking about my relationship with my future self.

Building good habits take time. While I'm not perfect, whenever I feel like reverting to poor behavior, I reflect on the impact it will have on my future self.

Eating poorly may feel good in the moment, but it's surely not going to be kind to my future self.

Flossing can be annoying, but I want my future self to have healthy teeth.

It's a small meditation for sure, but it's been helpful for me so far.

If you're trying to change your habits and are struggling or lack motivation. Think about who you will be 6 months into the future. Are you being kind to your future self? Or are you choosing to be selfish?

Six months are going to pass anyway, are you going to give the gift of a better future to the person in the mirror then?