Foundation First

Over the last several months, I've been able to successfully implement a dozen or so positive habits into my daily routine.

Considering the chaos and uncertainty in the world, these positive habits have been incredibly helpful to fend off the overwhelming negativity of daily life. I've had good days, and bad days, but these "tiny" habits have been crucial in forming a foundation of better health and happiness.

Often, when we try to set out to change our behavior, we rely on the "go big or go home mindset."

If we want to lose weight, we say I'm going to eat strict for 90 days! No excuses.

If we want to lose weight, we say we are going to exercise 120 minutes a day.

While on the surface, this may get us motivated in the short term, it's not sustainable.

It's far more effective to start off small and strengthen your foundation than bite off more than you chew.

For example, one of my habits has been to floss one tooth. Most of the time, I will continue flossing, but some days when I'm "off" I literally floss one tooth. The great thing about this habit though, is it's easy to increase the amount I floss once the foundation has been built.

Many days, I've found myself flossing multiple times a day without an extra effort.

I've also seen the same apply to my reading habit. In my habit tracker, I have "read 5 mins", some days I read exactly 5 minutes, others I tear through multiple chapters of a book.

Instead of overwhelming yourself with incredibly difficult changes, start small. Once you have master a 'small' habit you can easily increase the amount of times you want to do that habit.

Don't skip the foundation in hopes you will become the exception not the rule. Build a strong foundation then turn up the pressure.