Finish What You Start

Reeling from my Texan's historical collapse against the Kansas City chiefs yesterday, I can't help but see this as a painful reminder: you must finish what you start.

We all have great ideas and great ambitions, but without follow through, rarely if ever, will our dreams see the light of the day.

Given the momentum of the New Year is soon to wear off for many, we must remember it's not how we start, it's how we finish.

Up by a seemingly unsurmountable score early in the game, the Texans were looking to advance to what would be their first AFC championship game.

Of course, in football, and in life the 'game' isn't over until at least 4 quarters have been played.

The Chiefs stormed back and won because they played the entire game.

As a Texans fan, it was incredibly painful to watch, but hopefully it's a lesson the team can carry into next year.

Everyone can go to the gym for a day. Everyone can eat healthy for a week.

But the real progress, comes if and only when you finish what you start.