[[Daily Gratitude]]

Over the last few months I've slowly made the switch to using Roam Research as my default place to take notes and organize my thoughts. While I still do my content marketing work in Ulysses, Roam Research continues to become a larger part of my day to day workflow.

While I'm still learning how use it even more effectively, I wanted to share a simple habit I've been doing that has helped me quite a bit.

Each day, I start the morning with a [[Daily Gratitude]] page, where I jot down 3-5 things I'm grateful for. It's a great way to prime myself for a good day and it's incredibly easy to go back and search for things when I'm feeling down or having an off day.

If I'm feeling unmotivated or low on energy, I'll spend a few minutes rereading some of the things I'm grateful for. It's not a magic pill by any means, but definitely something I've come to enjoy.

You don't need a tool like Roam Research to build the habit of gratitude ever. I highly recommend you spend a few minutes each day reflecting on all the amazing gifts you have.