Quest for better posture

I've never been one to take my 'posture' seriously, and now 28 years later that is beginning to show. Sitting at your computer for hours on end for decades apparently isn't very good for you.

A few weeks ago, my leg and thigh began feeling numb and incredibly warm.

At first it was a minor inconvenience, but over the last week or so it really escalated in discomfort. I decided to call a chiropractor to the home for a visit in hopes of finding a solution.

In addition to him noticing my muscles were very tense and stressed, he remarked that my posture was quite bad and it likely twisted one of my vertebrae out of alignment.

After about an hour of incredibly painful exercises and stretches, he gave me a 2x day stretching workout to help improve my posture and get my leg back to normal.

While the pain itself isn't terrible, my leg does wake me up in the middle of the night which causes me to get some pretty crappy quality sleep.

I'm really excited to dive deep into learning about posture, and hope to share what I learn throughout the process.

Good posture is something we obviously know is 'good' but if you're like me, you probably still don't take it very seriously. As I recently shared in my daily gratitude journal, the pain in my leg has taught me to not take 'good health' for granted.

Given I'm 28, I'm years past getting away with treating my body poorly and not directly seeing the consequences.

If you aren't taking your posture seriously now, this is a gentle reminder to do so. ;-)