Bet on Yourself

There's very little I find more inspiring than reading stories of those who to choose to bet on themselves.

After being one of the the NFL's biggest stars for years, Richard Sherman found his contract with the Seattle Seahawks coming to an end.

With age not on his side, many teams thought that Sherman might be close to calling it a career.

However Sherman was convinced he could still play at a high level.

Instead of leveraging an agent to help him find a new team to play for, he decided to negotiate his next contract without the help of an agent (but rather the help of his loving wife.)

Not only did he represent himself in contract negotiations, he chose to structure the deal heavily with incentives.

Incentive heavy contracts reward a player for performing well during the season. If however the player has a down year, their pay will take a signifiant hit.

Many sports analysts and commentators thought Sherman was making a huge mistake. They lamented how he NEEDED an agent, and he should structure his contract with guaranteed money.

Many said, he would make significantly less money than if he did a traditional contract and it was an incredibly dumb thing to do.

After signing with the 49er's with his new deal, Sherman went to work. He was often one of the first and last people in and out of the gym. He was fired up to prove he had something left in the tank.

At an age where most NFL players are beginning their decline Sherman had one of his better seasons in the NFL.

It also just so happens that his contract worked out pretty nicely.

Could he have had a down year? Of course. Could all of the pundits been proven right? You bet.

But there's something magical about taking your future into your own hands and betting on yourself.

The world needs less of those waiting for permission and more Richard Shermans.

Ignore those sitting on the sidelines, and give it everything you have.