Audiobooks & Retention

"Listen at 3x speed! You'll be able to blow through more books!"

Like many over the last few years, I've gradually increased the amount of audiobooks I've consumed.

As much as I enjoy reading a physical book (or a book on my kindle), audiobooks are often a refreshing way to consume an author's work - especially if narrated by the author themselves.

But I've also noticed that my retention of books I consume through audio is incredibly low, and I suspect I'm not alone.

I've long given up on the idea that I can listen to an audiobook and retain as much as if I would if I were reading it traditionally.

Instead, I turn to audiobooks with the primary intention to change my mood.

Anything I learn is a bonus.

If my focus is specifically retention, I'll read a book. If I'm looking for motivation, more focus, or even just a sense of curiosity of the world, I'll turn to an audiobook.

This distinction has been a game changer for me, and I recommend you try it.