An underrated benefit of writing regularly

It seems everyone these days either has a blog or weekly newsletter.

Some are great. Some just eh.

Most are a run with the intention of advancing a career or hitting KPI's for a brand, all of which have their place.

Having people read your work and consume your content is a great feeling. And content marketing done right should offer value. It's incredible that we can learn virtually anything with just a few searches online.

Content marketing is great, but the perhaps the biggest benefit is how producing content forces you to improve your thinking.

Writing regularly can certainly put you on the map, but it also helps you become a much better and thoughtful thinker (sometimes at least.)

I know countless friends and colleagues who are too afraid to put in the time to write because they are unsure how well it will be received.

Not everyone can create good content, but the habit of shipping your thoughts into the world is the quickest way to level up. A worthwhile investment in itself.