An Alarming Trend In Tech

I've noticed a somewhat alarming trend in tech and startup land these days, that is, the idea that one must operate with an all or nothing mindset.

With the growing popularity of remote working, no code, etc. those passionate about a 'new way' of thinking and living are understandably excited about changing the status quo.

However, while these opportunities certainly bring many benefits, many are choosing to what amounts to an extreme approach.

For example:

If a company isn't completely remote, it's trash!

No code is going to replace everything!

Managers? Who needs them?

Of course, as we know, humans are incredibly complex. What works for some might not work for others. Remote working is great for many, but not everyone.

No code is unlocking incredible opportunities, but we still need engineers.

Experimenting with different org structures can present unique insights and learnings, but some companies operate best under a traditional management structure.

I'm excited about these new developments in tech and the future of work, but I remain cautious of those who continue to spout the all or nothing approach.

Organizations and people who win will choose a hybrid approach. Those wanting to be an advocate of new ways of thinking should be more thoughtful of how they share their excitement.