Amor fati

Like many in the tech and personal growth world, I've spent the last several years deepening my understanding of Stoicism and applying the wisdom and knowledge as best I can. Without question, this pursuit has been one of my greatest sources of growth and happiness.

In addition to reading Meditations frequently, I also try to start my day reflecting on a passage or two from Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

One of my most prized possessions. is the Amir Fati coin that I picked up from the Daily Stoic store as well.

I'm far from perfect as a human being. I still lose my temper. I get frustrated when life isn't going 'according to plan.'

And of course I sometimes retreat when facing adversity rather than step into those fears and uncertainty.

While life is incredibly rich in blessings, it can, at times be unrelenting, unfair, and harsh.

To me, practicing stoicism consistently is a cheat code of sorts. It helps give me perspective even in the days when my vision is cloudy. It helps me face adversity, knowing that all will be okay.

Amir fati, which loosely translates to love of fate, is a powerful reminder that we must always do the best we can with what we have. No matter our challenges, setbacks, and sorrow, we must strive to push forward and make the most of our gifts and talents.

We mustn't lose sight of our purpose, throw parties of pity, or pretend we are powerless.

Although stoicism is one of many lens in which to view the world, I'm confident the vast majority who pursue learning it seriously will be significantly better off.