A weird COVID-19 phenomena

For much of my life, I've struggled with bouts of anxiety and depression. I've written about my journey before and I know many people likely can relate.

I recently read an excellent article from the Daily Beast called "If You Have Anxiety and Depression but Feel Better During Coronavirus, You’re Not Alone."

Initially writing off the title as clickbait, I actually found the piece to be surprisingly accurate.

Prior to the Coronavirus, I was battling one of my standard bouts of depression, but ever since, I've felt remarkably calm and less anxious.

“It’s suddenly becoming like a steady pace throughout this,” Weinstein told The Daily Beast during a recent phone interview. “Where people can come and [say], ‘I’m freaking out. I don’t know why you’re not freaking out, but please tell me what to do and how to get to where you are.’”

“To some degree I feel like I'm conditioned for this,” Weinstein said, “based on things I've experienced in the past.”

An interesting experience. Can you relate?