A Little Tip To Get More Out of Twitter

I first joined Twitter in 2008, and have more or less used the service daily ever since. To say, I've spent a considerable amount of time tweeting, scrolling, and connecting with others would be an understatement.

It was because of Twitter I was able to connect with Garyvee and trade him 5 SNES games for a job interview right out of school (I got the job.)

While the platform is far from perfect, I genuinely believe it to be one of the most important websites on the planet. I'll perhaps explain my reasoning in another blog post, but today I wanted to share a simple tip get improve your Twitter experience.

Twitter can be noisy, and often full of negativity. Choosing quality people to follow is a must. Although the suggested follows can be a great start, to really get the most from Twitter you have to be deliberate in crafting your timeline.

One thing I've found to be incredibly helpful is to spend a few minutes diving deep into the followers of your favorite leaders and doers. This is especially helpful if they only follow a a couple hundred people.

Many times, you can find fascinating and thought provoking people to follow through those lists alone. Top performers are likely going to spend their time following people who improve their lives, so it's a great way to follow in their footsteps.

Going through the list of followers of people you respect helps you cut through the noise and gives you a head start.

This trick is especially helpful if you're trying to learn more about an individual topic. For example, if you're looking to become vegan, you can go through the follower list of a few of your favorite vegan personalities.

Chances are high they follow great sources for info, expertise and more. I equate the "following" hack to actually reading the bibliography that's in a heavy research book.

Few go deep, but when you do it can make a huge difference.